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Immigrants Have Cantaloupe Calves, and 4 Other Unhinged Comments from America’s Lunatic Right-Wing Fringe This Week

We hope Rep. Steve King likes cantaloupe, because his office received hundreds from the immigrants and supporters he offended.

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Back with Rubin, host Malzberg chimed in that Obama seems to believe that dysfunction in the black community is due to America’s violent past.

“Exactly,” Rubin continued. “You know, the sad part about it, or the disgusting part about it—however you think of these things—is that he doesn’t address then the current problems, he doesn’t address broken families, he doesn’t address kids who grow up without fathers, he doesn’t address the broken schools, he doesn’t address the drug problem, so all of these things are never addressed because it’s slavery or Jim Crow or whatever.”

Yeah, whatever.

“I feel like we’ve gone backwards on the race issue,” Rubin concludes.

2. Pat Buchanan is not sure what’s worse, Anthony Weiner sexting or Christine Quinn being a married lesbian.

We were not going to talk about Anthony Weiner. We were not going to talk about sexting, dick pics, or make fun of his nom de plume Carlos Danger. We were not going to speculate on Huma’s motives, the childhood source of the former congressman’s pathetic need for validation of his manliness, or his misunderstanding of social media. We weren’t going to talk about it, because, really, what’s the point? But, somehow, sure enough, the haters managed to turn this into an opportunity to, once again, bash gay people. Really, when you are a hater, just about everything is an opportunity to bash gay people, here and in Russia, where horrifying videos have come to light about gay teenagers being kidnapped and tortured.

The hater in question here is syndicated right-wing columnist Pat Buchanan, who saw in the Weiner scandal a chance to point out the moral failings of other major New York, a.k.a. Sin City, politicians. The worst of those moral failings can be summed up pretty simply: acceptance of gay people and belief in their equal rights. Worst offender is New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, whom Buchanan erroneously labels “a lesbian about to marry another lesbian.” Quinn is already married, of course. (Get your facts straight, Pat.)

Well behind her in the morality race are “the sitting mayor and governor (who) are divorced and living with women not their wives.” But back to the far worse gay thing, former mayor Rudolph Giuliani and former senator Hillary Clinton both marched in New York City gay pride parades. We are, Buchanan inevitably concludes, “a mentally and morally sick society.”

Oh, for the good old days. “Thirty years ago, homosexual acts were crimes,” Buchanan wistfully reminisces. “The Supreme Court has since discovered sodomy to be a constitutional right. State courts are discovering another new right—of homosexuals to marry.

“To call homosexuality unnatural, immoral or a mental disorder will soon constitute a hate crime in America,” Buchanan concludes hysterically.

3. Ted Cruz: Gay marriage will lead to persecution of Christians and violation of their First Amendment rights.

Wait, that last Buchanan bit sounds familiar. It turns out that Texas senator and right-wing darling Ted Cruz is worried about people’s rights to say vile, violence-inciting things about gay people as well. The people whose First Amendment rights he is most worried about are Christians. In a piece of convoluted logic that appears to have zero factual basis, Ted Cruz told Christian Broadcasting Network that our country is at a precipice of complete collapse of liberty because of gay marriage. He is just really freaked out about it.

Here is what Cruz says is going to happen: “That’s where it [gay marriage, or just having an open mind about gay marriage] gets enforced,” he told interviewer David Brody. “It gets enforced against Christian pastors who decline to perform gay marriage, who speak biblical truths about marriage, that has been defined as hate speech.”

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