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Glenn Beck's Supporters Turn on Him After 'Operation American Spring' Total Fail

Commenters call crazy Beck a traitor and worse.

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This piece first appeared on the  BradBlog.

Glenn Beck's natives are getting very restless, and many of them are now taking their frustrations out on him.

The organizers of last Friday's  "Operation American Spring" (OAS) had  claimed their massive Washington D.C. protest, "calling for the removal of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder as a start toward constitutional restoration," was likely to draw 10 million to 30 million fed-up American patriots to the nation's capital.

To the weekend-long  bemusement of Democrats and progressives, the number of attendees at the rally was closer to 10 people than to 30 million. As even the rightwing Washington Times reported, attendance fell "woefully below expectations," with turnout claims varying from a few hundred to a few thousand. "Hundreds is more like it," said one of the attendees quoted by the Times.

Progressives were  predictably entertained by the dismal failure of the umpteenth rally to save our nation from the "outlaws" or "commies" or "Muslims" or "Constitution haters" who have now taken it over the government — through peaceful elections. But once the King of the American Patriots himself, Glenn Beck, and his online "news" outlet The Blaze, appeared to join in to mock the event, the real patriots could no longer hold their tongues.

Long-time supporters of Beck's turned their sights on the radio host-turned-CNN-host- turned-Fox-"News"-host-turned-multi-millionaire-Internet-entrepeneur after  The Blaze's Oliver Darcy covered the event, describing it as "only millions short of projected turnout," featuring "only a few dozen protesters" and as having "failed incredibly."

Many of Beck's fans were decidedly not happy about that, some going so far as to declare Beck himself "the enemy"...

"Operation American Spring was BECKSTABBED and then TheBlaze has the nerve to mock them for low turnout," said one furious commenter at The Blaze. "Of course glenn [sic] did not endorse it, it wasn't his PARTY," said another in response.

And on and on it went. While many Blaze readers predictably blamed the usual "commie" or "Muslim" or "liberal" or "government" operatives for undermining the event, the most vitriol in The Blaze's hundreds of comments on the one article seemed to be reserved for Beck himself.

Reading through them, one finds many calls for an armed or otherwise violent overthrow of the government. Some commenters complained they hadn't heard about the event until it had already failed, while many blamed Beck for that as well.

Others came to Beck's defense, blaming the organizers for a bad idea in the first place. One commenter named "Eastinfection" said the entire affiar, echoing the name and tactics of the so-called "Arab Spring" uprisings, just sounded too Muslim-y. "Looking at it's [sic] name, alone, would have been enough to make me avoid it. sounds like an event for Muslims demanding Sharia Law in the USA."

Commenter "Uechi" echoed the sentiment: "When you here [sic] the word 'spring' used in this contest [sic] one can't help but remember Egypt. How'd that work out moron?"

Another commenter, "mustang-2537", felt that Operation American Spring's acronym was just too similar to the one applied to the Occupy Wall Street movement for those on the right. "Its title of OAS is just too close to the hated OWS."

As expected, there were scattered shots taken throughout the comments against both Beck and his supporters from posters who were obviously never fans of his in the first place. And some commenters, such as "Nof", were quick to come to Beck's defense: "Glenn has done much more than anyone else to open our eyes to The Progressive Agenda, and some are abandoning him and standing with those who will aid Progressives in their destruction of America."