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Glenn Beck's Supporters Turn on Him After 'Operation American Spring' Total Fail

Commenters call crazy Beck a traitor and worse.

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"Bonnieblue2A": "Glenn as not behaved well these past few months. He's become a real tool with the way he attacks and puts down those patriotic Americans who have not been corrupted by Freedom Works Astroturf. I'm very disappointed in his boorish behavior. It started with his personal attacks on Ron Paul (original Tea Party founder) and have only worsened from there."

"Aubryn": "That is exactly what Glenn did. I do not trust him now. After what he did to Bundy, this is the first Blaze article I've read in a month #coward #glenn ... Beck helped kill this event. I do not trust him. Turned him off"

In the middle of a discussion about "armed revolt" being needed, now that voting and rallies haven't worked, as far as many of the commenters were concerned, "KnewHear" seemed to accuse Beck himself of forwarding "anti-conservative propaganda" in suggesting that OAS protesters might show up to the D.C. rally with weapons: "Just as a reminder NOONE said anything about arms....except people like Beck. So that aspect is anti-conservative propaganda being perpetuated from the supposed Conservative/Libertarian side."

"Gotztheironhand": "Glenn has not been representing the facts accurately, meaning he either has an agenda other than the truth, or he has people inside his organization misleading him."

"lisalake": "this is an epic FAILURE. And not to mention the probable direct impact Glenn and others who flat out called for no one to show"

"babumjane": "how could they have a good turnout when none of the media would cover it before hand including the hypocrite glen beck!!! He made his millions now he is just one of the creeps getting rich from spewing his garbage. It was AOK when he was planning his rally he wanted all the coverage he could get so why didn't he give this rally publicity beforehand. HUM whose pocket is he in."

"dublinthewagons": "It didn't fit into becks agenda, to help promote it. Reverend beck (with a little b) is only interested in his own agenda. Stick a fork in the good old U.S. of A. Everyone is on their own. Welcome to the new third world communist country."

"katzkiner": "Stay tuned. It has not began yet. Beck was not the star so he wouldn't lend any support but the objectives were everything he told us we needed for the last 5 years."

"[Suspended User]", likely the one commenters later referred to as "Cindy", before her account was suspended for some reason: "No wonder why you relate to Beck. Except you dont leave the house and he does with an entourage. Savage was correct about Beck years ago. Circus clown."

"DaRyuujin": "Wow...so let me get this straight the Blaze refuses to report on this before hand to give it extra attention for those who had never heard of it.....yet they are quick to make a story about how not a ton of people showed like they were hoping. ... Almost sounds like the folks at the blaze were hoping or should i say praying for it to flop. ... It just seems like f it isn't something Beck came up with himself he wants no part in it. We all saw how viciously and quickly he turned on the Bundy ranch supporters he just doesn't seem to support people standing up for our rights in general....unless they are following behind prophet Beck in that case he fully supports the movements, as long as his own little flock of sheep is there and he gets his pedestal. ... Becks ego has grown way, way too big he acts as if he is some sort of prophet he has lost touch (and lost) a lot of his fan base because he has lost the values he originally stood for that grew his fan base to begin with."