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Glenn Beck's Supporters Turn on Him After 'Operation American Spring' Total Fail

Commenters call crazy Beck a traitor and worse.

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But it was the stinging comments from the many self-declared "patriots," excoriating Beck and The Blaze for failing to support OAS, that caught our eye.

One attack after another after another seemed to suggest that many amongst the minions Beck has succeeded in working into an angry, paranoid and disinformation-based lather during the years since President Obama was first elected to office, may now be turning hard against the man they had once viewed as their one true savior from the Communist-in-Chief.

Here are just a few of the spirited attacks on Beck and the Blaze, as posted at his very own website [all typos, misspelling and bad grammar found in the original]:

"Mohawk77": "Based on disparaging Beck comments made regarding this event I would suggest not getting in a foxhole with Beck expecting him to defend you and I'm sure as hell glad he wasn't influential in 1776 or we'd all have British accents. ... The Founders/Framers risked their lives and fortunes for our freedom. Don't count on Beck to risk anything except maybe a new sponsor or new found fake friendship with his new Hollywood 'friends'. Becks about as deep as a small puddle thats almost dry.Just like the GOP..I say cut him off..quit Blaze TV."

"defendConstitution": "I ALSO AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE BLAZE. I have given Glen Beck a lot of money because I thought He and the Blaze were on the side of patriots."

"DMONIC": "Why doesnt little Beckyboy pony up the cash to send all of us to DC? Oh thats right, because hes a govt shill!!"

In response to a commenter named "SoftwareBabe", who claims to be a longtime supporter of Beck's and who attempted to defend him by charging that "MOST of you commenting on this article are TROLLS"...

"The_Traitors_Will_Swing": "Wow softwarebabe ... You are so deep in Denial I seriously don't know if there's hope for you A few years back I was Almost that mesmerized by Glenn but since then my eyes are open !!! No politically correct BS here"

"fedup ohio": "SoftwareBabe, No disrespect intended, but you have drunk the Kool-aid. But, I will admit, I took sip a time or two."

"katzkiner": "Softie, I'm sorry, I just thought after 6 years of Beckie getting all emotional about the founders and the sacrifices of the American Revolution we thought he would jump at the chance to protest the islamic socialist takeover of the country. ... Beckie can quit advertising guns, gear, survival food, safes and other prepper stuff, he's is after all just a teary NY carpetbagger. Good luck as a movie mogel Beck. You will need it.

"WarMunger_Al": "Of course, Beck is anti-patriot now. Pretty sad state of affairs when only a a couple dozen people care enough to show up."

"macpappy": "With the left wing writers at the Blaze, what did you expect."

"gunslinger" (in response to "macpappy"): "Not left wing. They are just becoming populists like O'Reilly. In other words they lick a finger and hold it to the wind"

"Hey Harry Lets Box": "Exactly. Beck, give everything to [radio host Michael] Savage and go hide in your hole."

"DaRyuujin": "I got more respect for those Americans who were there taking a stand then beck sitting comfy in his studio mocking them. I haven't much heard of Beck doing anything more than running his mouth insulting patriots lately while the country goes deeper and deeper in the pit."

"bigbear_awake": "F t bLAZE DONT KNOCK IT IF YOU cant get behind it ... I dropped my account he has all the cable money now he dont need ours anymore thanks for NOTHING BECK"