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Conservatives’ Infighting Reaches Melt-Down Levels

In the wake of Wayne LaPierre's looney press conference, Dick Armey is exposed as a gun-empowered extortionist.

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Now Armey, LaPierre and Loesch are being exposed as the lunatic-enabling grifters that they are.  The modest course-correction represented by the election of Barack Obama, corporate centrist — albeit a black corporate centrist – unleashed the hounds of hate, who were used by said grifters to impede the country’s progress for four years. Now, as the haters begin to turn on one another, maybe the rest of us can try to get something done, on issues ranging from gun control to  the so-called “fiscal cliff” to income inequality. You can’t negotiate with gun-empowered extortionists; you have to stand up to them.


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