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Conservatives Are Always Triumphant and Also an Oppressed Minority, According to Notably Stupid New Book

Ben Shapiro makes his living harrumphing over the sins of liberalism, and his new book doesn't disappoint.

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SHAPIRO: President Obama wins elections because he portrays himself as a victim of a racist, ignorant, bigoted group of Americans (bitter clingers) who oppose him simply because he is a black man…acting as though Republicans have a pathological hatred of him personally. 

Goodness knows where Obama might get the idea that some Americans oppose him simply because he is a black man, or that Republicans have a pathological hatred of him.

LOPEZ: “A century of civility has brought us a century of liberalism. We’re not the thugs. They are.” How do civil people avoid looking like bullies as they debate and challenge and expose? 

SHAPIRO: I think the first problem is that we insist on being civil. The Left has been uncivil for a century, and they’re winning. We have the moral high ground, and nothing else.

Yes, all the right has is the moral high ground, an entrenched political base, massive amounts of power in Washington, an unprecedented degree of lobbying force, an entire ideologically-driven media system, and billions and billions of dollars.  And nothing else.  Ben’s ‘century of civility’, lest we not be clear on it, would be the one in which sexism, institutional racism, imperialism, voter suppression, rampant disenfranchisement, unquestioned police power, monopolies and trusts, open warfare against the working class, virtually no social safety net or public health programs, and a total abdication of corporate citizenship were the order of the day, but hey, at least the haute bourgeoisie were  polite about it.

Elsewhere in the interminable 7-page suckfest, Ben pulls off a lovely piece of blind-and-dumb criticism, implying that Roe v. Wade was not the result of serious consideration of the law of the land, but rather a magical spell cast by liberals:  ”Domestically, the Left has been able to bully Americans into accepting abortion-on-demand as somehow mandated by emanations, penumbras, and Casper the Friendly Ghost in the Constitution.”  After all, if  he – the CEO of Ben Shapiro Legal Consulting! — cannot suss the trick, how could  you?  He also engages in some pugnacious phony-tough-guy posing of the sort the right so loves (he won’t be bullied by these phantom somethings, oh, no, not Ben Shapiro!), and, in a sort of glorious moment of transcendence, cites George Zimmerman — who is, after all, known for having  shot an unarmed teenager to death for the crime of walking-while-Negro — as a paragon of the sort of person who is bullied by liberals; the man who murders under cover of night transformed into the ultimate victim, the paranoid style justified at last.

Ben Shapiro has come a long way since he first appeared, in those now innocent-by-default days of the Clinton Administration, as a teenage anti-rebel, proudly waving his virginity as an oriflamme, posing as the perfect outsider while attending Harvard Law School.  His dedication to pandering has led him to the point where he can observe the weak, the outcast, and the poor demanding to be treated like human beings, and twist it to serve his own bogus sense of victimhood, and not be laughed out of town on a rail because of it.  But he is still the rich kid high school president, with his straight A’s, his new car, his well-thumbed copy of  Atlas Shrugged, and his guaranteed job at the old man’s firm, ranting and raving in his valedictory speech about how everyone hates him for his greatness.

Mister Leonard Pierce is a freelance writer currently living in San Antonio, TX. He enjoys metal, gangsta rap, crime fiction, and democratic socialism, all of which he attempts to keep hidden from his neighbors.
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