Tea Party and the Right  
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Chris Christie Blew Up His Ambitions Based on the Faulty Notion That the GOP Cares About Bipartisanship

The wingnuts who vote in GOP primaries despise moderation.

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In the real Idaho, like the Idaho Republican Party,  the talk is of returning America to the gold standard, strengthening gun rights in the wake of massacres, and repealing the 17th Amendment (which requires popular election of U.S. senators). And even this stuff is not good enough for some. A huge faction of conservatives has recently left the Idaho GOP, complaining that it has “been overtaken by liberals.” Plenty of other states look the same.

It was this collection of lunatics, apparently, that Christie thought he would impress by showing that he could get the endorsements of Democrats such as Dawn Zimmer, the liberal, female mayor of Hoboken; or Steve Fulop, the mayor of Jersey City who enjoys marrying gay couples in public ceremonies. Upon such a calculation, Christie sent his specialists out to twist their arms and even break the law if necessary. It has proven to be an expensive folly.

Eric Stern lives in Helena, Montana. He was senior counsel to Brian Schweitzer, former Governor.

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