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8 Shocking Instances of Moronic Right-Wing Malevolence This Week

'Poor people just love sitting around being poor' ... and more.

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3.  Pat Robertson: Horror movies cause demonic possession. Let us pray.

For the second time in recent weeks, Pat Robertson has been outdone in the kookiness department. Truly we must be entering the End Times. First, just a few weeks ago, Robertson begged Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham to stop making other Christian fundamentalists look bad by saying things that fly in the face of indisputable science. Now, Robertson is looking just a tad less loony than Kevin Swanson, who thinks the devil is working through Disney. Robertson does think the devil is involved in the entertainment business, but he is working through horror films. Makes much more sense, no?

When a viewer called in this week to ask the 700 Club host if watching a horror movie was the cause of her recent car accident, Robertson oh-so-empathically agreed that being cursed or demonically possessed can be the result of viewing these films.

He was not specifically familiar with her case, and whether she in fact was so cursed, but he had heard of other instances. Also, he suspected that the devil may be sitting in the producer’s chair of such films, because entertainment execs are very susceptible to Satanic influences.

On that, he and his buddy Swanson agree.

"This thing may be living around you and what you need to do is speak it — command this thing to leave — and ask God to forgive you," he counseled the caller.

Probably sage advice for everyone. You know, just in case.

Hear it for yourself here.

4. Fox’s Stuart Varney: 'Obama’s overtime move is just a way of buying votes.'

As might be expected, the “fair and balanced” folks over at Fox News have been apoplectic about Obama’s move this week to modestly expand overtime pay. The Fox Newsians have pretty much no idea what Obama is suggesting or what effect it will have, but it’s socialist and un-American, and they don’t like it.

Business host Stuart Varney led the charge of the Fox brigade:

“This is redistribution by executive order," he sputtered. "The president is buying votes. He is commanding higher salaries for millions of people. Right before an election. Don’t you think that those millions of people will be grateful and say, ‘Thanks for the pay raise, Mr. President. I’m voting Democrat.’ Don’t you think that’s in there?”

Wait, is there an election this spring?

Of course, not only is it about buying votes early and often for the midterm elections next fall, paying people overtime will ruin the economy, and destroy the next Google.

“In the earlier days of Google," expert Varney continued, "they had all kinds of youngsters, up-and-coming strivers, who would work day and night. That’s how they built the company. Tech startups with really a drive to succeed and climb that food chain.”

Unbeknownst to Mr. Varney—because why let actual information get in the way of scaring people?—Obama’s overtime expansion would only affect people making less than $50,000, so not applicable to the young programmers at Google at all, who all made a good deal more than that.

Paying people for their work is such a terrible idea. What are you trying to do, instill some sort of work ethic?

5.  AZ Republican: Slaveowners took pretty good care of their slaves.

Another week, another right-winger desperate to find something positive about slavery.

This week, the humanoid hunk of toe-jam slavery apologist was Jim Brown, who’s running for Congress in Arizona. Guess what: he does not care for federal spending, or “entitlements.” When you don’t like something, you compare it either to slavery or Nazi Germany. Young Jim went with slavery in  a post on his Facebook page.

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