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7 Vilest Right-Wing Statements this Week: Laura Ingraham Hates Immigrants More Than O'Reilly Does

Hobby Lobby decision leads to series of absurd and hateful comments about women.

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1. Laura Ingraham: Mass deportation is the way and the light.

Laura Ingraham did the impossible this week. She managed to make Bill O’Reilly seem almost reasonable. Her anti-immigration fervor is surpassed by no one. She was right there in spirit with the anti-immigration protesters who turned up in Murrieta, California with hateful signs and slogans and spit to turn back busloads of undocumented women and children. For some reason, many of these people have no idea that they look exactly like the white protesters in Selma, Alabama blocking school integration, with their faces contorted in hatred, screaming vile things at children. But Laura Ingraham knows it. She’s an educated woman. She just does not care. Spitefulness toward immigrants is her brand.

Her solution: mass deportation. “By the thousands,” she says. But by all means keep the families together, by deporting entire families.

O’Reilly was worried. Might not play well on TV. Might hurt the Republicans. It’s not that he likes immigrants. He likes Republicans.

Screw them too, Ingraham said. She will stop at nothing to get rid of those immigrants. O’Reilly is too soft. Ingraham needs new friends. Those sign-wielding hate spewers are her new besties. And she is defending them.

“I think what you saw in Murrieta, California, was not something that we should say should not happen in the United States,” Ingraham said. “No one wants people to spit on each other, I don’t agree with that, but the people saying ‘Oh no, you won’t do this to our community, you won’t do this to our wages, you won’t do this to our public schools,’ where do the people get satisfaction? Where do they go?”

2. Rush Limbaugh expresses totally incoherent hatefulness toward women in wake of Hobby Lobby decision, and his meaning is clear.

Rush Limbaugh does not even need to speak in sentences anymore. His hatred, especially of women, just oozes right out of him, without needing to be shaped by actual words. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in B urwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., he said something, sort of: 

“Pregnancy is something that you have to do to cause. It doesn’t just happen to you while you’re walking down the street.”

So just to be clear, people, pregnancy is something that you have to do to cause.

If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t do the thing to cause.  There you have it. The new sex-ed. Got it kids?

So, since women do the thing to cause pregnancy, they should have their birth control options controlled by their employer.

Makes perfect sense, right?

Women, says Limbaugh, the world’s foremost expert on women, treat pregnancy "like a disease" even though it is the consequence of their actions. "And yet, they wouldn't have the problem if they didn't do a certain thing," he said. "It's that simple."

Very simple. Women do something to cause pregnancy, and they do it all alone and are alone responsible for that thing that happened that they did the thing to cause. And women like Sandra Fluke, who do that thing, are something that starts with an s- and ends with -luts.

And for his next act, Rush’s head will spin around and spew some more viscous green venom.

3. Fox’s Jesse Watters also says some remarkably stupid things about Hobby Lobby, women and birth control and calls single women “Beyonce voters.”

What is it with Fox News and Beyonce? Bill O’Reilly seems to think the pop star is solely responsible for every non-white teen pregnancy, because she is a role model, and what does she model? Being married and attracted to your husband. That’s what. No, wait.