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7 Idiotic and Dangerous Statements From Right-Wing Nut-Jobs Just Last Week

"We can't have a woman president until every other country has a woman leader"...and much more.

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1. GOP Congressman: Multiculturalism is bad. There is “an American race.”

At a townhall meeting in El Dorado Hills, California, Rep. Tom McClintock enlightened attendees about his views on immigration reform. He suggested that immigrants need to shed their own culture and become something he termed the "American race” then added that if they can’t do that they should just go home. “There’s only one race here: it’s the American race,” he said.

Later, a Latino man who had been in the audience challenged McClintock’s view, saying that people who bring different cultures and personalities to this country is in fact what makes it both great and strong. So McClintock took it a step further: Multiculturalists want to “divide America into warring factions separated by culture, by language, by attitude,” he told the man.

Suggestion to McClintock: Read a history book! Diversify your friend pool. Something.

2. Donny Deutsch: The U.S. can’t have a woman president until Al Qaeda does.

Donny Deutsch may have been a genius brander/advertising guy, but as a political analyst, umm...not so much. In an appearance on "Morning Joe" this week, he laid out his theory of why a woman (read: Hillary Clinton) should not be president. In a nutshell, it seems to be because she’d have to deal with foreign leaders who are men. And that wouldn’t be fair.

We’ll let him dig his own grave. Here’s what he said:

Problem: we have a woman, but our enemies are still on the opposite side of the equation. I don’t think the Al Qaedas of the world are going to be headed by women, so it falls apart a little bit. Women plus women equals a win to me. Women and still men on the other side of the table? Theoretically the world would be a better place with women running it. It doesn’t solve the problem.

“If you have two women down to negotiate something, it’s going to get done without bullets,” Deutsch continued, undeterred by the ridiculousness of his position. “On our side of the equation, we solve it, but there’s a world that’s still a century behind in our evolutionary state or progressive state in how we feel about women.”

So no woman president until every other country has a woman leader. As Jezebel quipped: "Does Angela Merkel know about this?"

3. Minnesota Rep. offers conceal carry permits and target practice to donors.

Here’s a novel idea for a fundraising event: Promise more gun privileges to every donor. This Saturday, gun-loving Minn. Republican lawmaker Cindy Pugh offered free concealed carry gun-training classes to people who donate a minimum of $125 to her campaign. For those potential donors who already have concealed carry permits, the deal was sweetened by having their permit automatically renewed, for a mere $100 donation.

Pugh was really pleased with herself for coming up with this idea. As she told Watchdog.org:

 I’ve heard from a lot of people that they’ve never heard of anyone doing this before and I don’t know that it has been done before. But this is an idea that my campaign team came up with as we were brainstorming ways to connect with my voters and my constituents and just heighten awareness about issues that are important.

This should in no way be construed as buying votes (or donations) though. That is something only Democrats do when they, say, offer food stamps to hungry seniors.

4. Rush Limbaugh bullies listeners into choosing between God and science.

One mark of a borderline personality, we’re told, is seeing the word in black-and-white terms — either/or — no nuance allowed. An armchair diagnosis of Rush Limbaugh suggests that syndrome may apply to him. Another diagnosis: intellectual (using the word loosely) bullying.

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