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6 Bonkers Right-Wing Statements This Week: Peace Prizes for Warmongers Edition

War brings out the worst in conservatives.

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1. Ayan Hirsi Ali: Bibi Netanyahu deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Say what?

Unless the whole definition of peace was suddenly changed without our knowing it, we’re a little befuddled at noted Somali-born, anti-Islamic author and activist Ayan Hirsi Ali’s suggestion that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

For waging war.

According to Salon, the suggestion came during an interview published Friday by Israel HaYom, the Sheldon Adelson-backed Israeli daily.

“Asked whom she admired, Ali — who once called Islam a ‘ nihilistic cult of death’—  included Netanyahu on a list featuring her husband, Harvard professor Niall Ferguson, as well as former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Princeton professor Bernard Lewis,” Salon reported. “Ali said she admired Netanyahu ‘[b]ecause he is under so much pressure, from so many sources, and yet he does what is best for the people of Israel, he does his duty.’”

“I really think he should get the Nobel Peace Prize,” she continued, unperturbed by the hundreds of Palestinian civilians killed in Israel's recent war on Gaza. “In a fair world he would get it.”

Hard to fathom that even Netanyahu himself would agree.

h/t: Salon

2. Ultra-conservative Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback isn’t very popular anymore. And that’s gotta be Obama’s fault.

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback has managed the seemingly impossible: turning redder-than-red state Kansas against Republicans. He had a very poor showing in his state’s recent primary, nearly a third of the voters voting against him, and that can’t possibly have anything to do with how he’s driven the state into the ground with far-right fiscal policies, tax-slashing and a hard-right Christian social agenda. 

Nope, it has to be that dastardly Obama’s fault. Because, what isn’t? People are taking out their irritation at Obama on Brownback. Yeah, that's it. Never mind that the president and Brownback’s politics are pretty much diametrically opposed.

“I think a big part of it is Barack Obama,” Brownback said, explaining his poor showing in the primary. “[A] lot of people are so irritated at what the president is doing, they want somebody to throw a brick. I think it’s a lot of deep irritation with the way the president has taken the country, so much so that people are so angry about it they’re just trying to express it somehow.”

That sound you hear is the sound of a lot of heads being scratched in unison.

h/t: Salon

3. GOP Rep. Mo Brooks: Democratic Party is waging a war on whites.

Not sure if you were aware of this. But there’s a war going on. A war against white people. Kind of similar to the war on Christmas and the war on rich people. It’s awful. And it’s being waged by the Democratic Party. So says GOP Rep. Mo Brooks during an interview this week with Laura Ingraham

Brooks was responding to comments made by National Journal's Ron Fournier, who told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that "the fastest growing voting bloc in this country thinks the Republican Party hates them. This party, your party, cannot be the party of the future beyond November if you’re seen as the party of white people.”

Subscribing to the philosophy that the best defense is a good offense, Brooks said to Ingraham, “This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else.”

And of course, we all know who is behind that war. “It’s part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of thing,” Brooks explained.