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10 Craziest Right-Wing Reactions to Boy Scouts Lifting Gay Ban

As always, the Right offers several intellectually sound arguments.

The Boy Scouts of America sure like their policy of excluding gays and lesbians from scouting. They liked it enough to defend it all the way up to the Supreme Court. But this is 2013, and a majority of Americans now support marriage equality -- and nine in 10 oppose job discrimination on the basis of sexual preference.

The Boy Scouts of America sure hate losing donors left and right over their 1950s view of human sexuality. They hate it enough to finally overturn the ban.­

Scouting, of course, is as Real-American as apple pie. So, given that a photograph of the president shooting skeet is enough to elicit baboon-like howls from the hard-right, you can only imagine the reaction many of the brethren had to this vicious assault on... well, it's not entirely clear what these folk think is under attack. Is it religious liberty? Let's say it's religious liberty!

OK, even if it's not obvious how a private organization adapting its bylaws in response to changing social mores hurts America, there can be no doubt that there's a vicious assault on something underway, according to the right. 

Here are some of the best reactions we've seen from the denizens of the fever-swamps.

1. This seems like a fine opportunity to bash Islam!

Over at Rightscoop, the first thing that sprang to mind on hearing the news that a secular organization is adapting to the times was, "There goes those damn Muslims again!" Responding to Obama's scandalous comment that “gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everyone else does,” Rightscoop harumphed:

So I guess, based on that logic, Obama must also believe that Muslims should allow gays to be members of their mosques, even having gay Imams. I’d love for someone to ask him that question. Of course you know he’d say that about Christianity.

Gotcha there, Mr. Muslim-in-Chief! Not every Boy Scout is a terrorist, but...

Anyway, the BBC reports, “a prayer room described as Europe's first gay-friendly mosque is opening on the outskirts of Paris. The new centre is run by Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed, a gay Islamic scholar, married to a gay man, and the founder of Homosexual Muslims of France.”

And here in the U.S., “Muslims for Progressive Values” has “grown from a few friends to a thousand members and spawned a string of small mosques and spiritual groups that stretched from Atlanta to Los Angeles,” according to the Huffington Post. And in that network, “women are leading congregations in prayer, gay imams are performing Islamic marriages, and men and women are praying side by side.”

But hey, why let a religion's diversity get in the way of a good stereotype?

2. Serious question: Why do you want to make God weep?

You'd think the Almighty could fight her own battles. She is, after all, omnipotent. But it never hurts to have Rick Santorum in your corner, and he's here to explain what this move is really about: the continuing victimization of people like Rick Santorum:

What makes these organizations so effective, I believe, is precisely their ability to appeal to something “other,” to some higher authority to which we are accountable. I believe what makes the Scouts so successful, therefore, is loyalty to its first principles, its history and its understanding of what it means to live in duty to God.

Wednesday’s vote is a challenge to the Scouts’ very nature and is another example of the left attempting to remove God from all areas of public life.

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