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10 Craziest Right-Wing Reactions to Boy Scouts Lifting Gay Ban

As always, the Right offers several intellectually sound arguments.

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Peter Labarbera is so not-gay that he spends his time hanging around leather clubs and gay bathhouses, and has a collection of gay skin-flicks impressive enough to earn the nickname, “ Porno Pete.” It's all in the name of research, dontcha know?

And while that seems like a perfectly normal way for a professional homophobe to spend his day, LaBarbera thinks other, less bigoted Christians are just weird – as evidenced, in part, by their support for the Boy Scouts of America to drop its ban on gays and lesbians. Also, too:  something about "jihadists":

I think a weird version of Christianity is creeping in, you know, ‘who are we to judge’ and that whole tolerance thing. Look, the most intolerant people on the planet are the gay activists, maybe up there with the jihadists.

9. First Obama came for the homophobes, and I didn't speak out because, screw 'em....

If you ever need some sober, calm perspective on an issue, the first place to go is WorldNetDaily, where dedicated Birthers patiently explain how tofu is making your son gay. And Erik Rush is busily connecting the dots for the benefit of Preppers everywhere. After warning that conservatives will face “ prosecution under civil-rights statutes,” Rush charges “tyrannical” Obama with “treason” (yawn), and then offers Benghazi as evidence. Then, he fits the Boy Scouts into his apocalyptic narrative...

The Boy Scouts of America, who have developed moral refinement and honor among young men for more than 100 years, have been demonized because they do not embrace sexual deviance. Human life has become cheap, while a random insect or tree frog can cripple an entire industry and the livelihood of thousands. Those who observe millennia of Judeo-Christian moral doctrine rather than Marxist-imbued apostasy are becoming persona non grata. God Himself, by virtue of what He asks of his creation, has become “evil,” while that which His ancient Enemy promotes has become “virtue.” I could continue this list ad nauseum.

And everything bad is good again …

I’ve said for a long time, fomenting widespread civil unrest has been part of President Obama’s game plan from Day 1. This, I have asserted, he will do in order to implement martial law or something resembling it, at least initially.

Martial law, "at least initially." And then the bad stuff will begin.

10. Could it be... SATAN?!?

Sure, why not bring old Lucifer himself into the debate? According to Right-Wing Watch, “Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel believes that Satan is the real culprit behind the potential shift in policy. Barber blamed 'spiritual pressure' from Satan — 'the Prince of the Earth' — for the potential decision of the BSA board.” Barber writes:

The Prince of the Earth seeks to corrupt and ultimately destroy all that is righteous, honorable and good. It’s little wonder, then, that for years the Boy Scouts have faced a malicious and unrelenting assault at the hands of those “who call evil good and good evil.”

There you have it – our sane and wholly rational national discourse in a nutshell, thanks to the bitter dead-enders of homophobia. Keep up the good work, fellas, you're as entertaining as Siegfried and Roy!

Joshua Holland is Senior Digital Producer at BillMoyers.com, and host of Politics and Reality Radio. He's the author of The 15 Biggest Lies About the Economy. Drop him an email or follow him on Twitter

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