Talk About an Electra Complex: Did Cindy McCain Marry Her Father?

One doesn't need to be a Freud to raise an eyebrow at this couple.
Holy moly.

This is Cindy and John McCain in 1982, two years after their marriage. McCain is in the center:

(Arizona Republic photo by Ken Akers / November 2, 1982)

This is James Hensley, Cindy McCain's father:

This is also James Hensley:
He was a young husband and father before he went off to war. Wounded in combat, he returned home a hero, but stunned his wife by divorcing her to marry another woman. The warrior in this case was not Cindy McCain's husband, but her father, James W. Hensley.
I've heard of marrying a man like one's father, but this is ridiculous bordering on creepy.
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