Liberals' Two Great Loves, F**king and Fish, on a Collision Course!

She said it, that's what she said ...

K-Lo, in a special guest appearance at Clown Hall, offers her forty-seventh reason why the birth control pill is bad and should be banned: It turns male fish into girly-men fish.

You’ve already heard about the pregnant man. But what about the she-man fish? “Intersex” freshwater fish are all the rage.
Apparently you can’t have a liberal cocktail party these days without having a few “intersex” freshwater fish as guests.

Estrogen pollution from contraceptive and abortion pills could be the culprit behind these piscine switcheroos. And thus the two holiest of holies for the left …
(The left’s two holiest of holies are, apparently, in no particular order, fish and fucking.)
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