Rachel Maddow Discusses Afghanistan Live on Meet the Bloggers (Friday 1pm ET)

Discussing alternatives to a military solution in Afghanistan.

Tune into on Friday at 1pm ET/10am PT when our guest will be Rachel Maddow of Air America Radio and MSNBC.

Our panel of bloggers Roberto Lovato of Of America, Liliana Segura of AlterNet and Baratunde Thurston of Jack & Jill Politics will be discussing U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

But don't wait until Friday to get informed about Afghanistan.  Maddow and our featured bloggers will be using the links below to prepare for the show, and now you can too.  Should the U.S. redeploy troops to Afghanistan, or can a non-military resolution be found?  And how can the U.S. send troops without sending much-needed aid?  These are just some of the questions explored below that we will be discussing: