Is the Honeymoon Over? Is the Media Losing Their Love of McCain?

The press actually believed McCain wouldn't go negative. And now, shockingly, he's gone negative! The press loses its innocence!
I'm probably being naive, but this post by The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder gives me hope that the press might actually be rethinking its love for John McCain.

Ambinder tells us that
USA Today calls a new McCain ad "a marker on the path toward the kind of simplistic, counterproductive demonizing that many expect will poison the fall campaign." Andrea Mitchell of NBC News describes the McCain campaign's latest ad, about Obama and injured troops, "literally not true."
Ambinder says these are signs of (as he puts it) an elite (i.e., media) backlash against McCain's tone. Is he right?
Steve M. blogs at No More Mister Nice Blog.