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Hate Politics Leads to Violence: Tennessee Shooter Attacked Liberals

James David Adkisson attacked a church, killing two people and wounding seven more, all because of it's liberal views.

In Tennessee this weekend, the chickens came home to roost when a gunman named James David Adkisson walked into a Universalist Unitarian Church and began shooting. So far, two people are dead, and seven more were wounded. He was saying "hateful things," according to all the news reports.

Naturally, right-wingers like the Ole Perfesser tried to fob it off on "Christian haters" -- Adkisson was the son of a church deacon and evidently hated going to church. But that also ignores the fact that he identified himself as a "Confederate."

Now, MSNBC is reporting this morning that Adkisson targeted the church because of its liberal politics. A four-page letter police recovered, according to Knoxville police officials, referred constantly to his "stated hatred for the liberal movement."

David Neiwert is a freelance journalist based in Seattle, and the assistant editor of Crosscut.