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Scenes From an Iraqi Childhood (or, Why They Hate Us and Why We Must Leave)

Caution: this post may be jarring for consumers of U.S. media.

Editor's note: George Bush has talked of the importance of bypassing the media's "filter." One of the best ways to do that is to read the -- an Iraqi group blog with posts in English and Arabic -- every day. But fair warning: if you believe our troops are doing more good than harm to the Iraqi people, the blog can be jarring. The posts are, of course, only the opinions of the Iraqi bloggers who contribute, but public opinion data shows that about eight out of ten Iraqis want a timetable for a complete U.S. withdrawal, and they want it soon. Gorilla's Guides help us understand why.

A boy runs from his home as American soldiers drag his father outside - Sadr City July 12th 2008

20080713_boy_running from_his_home_as_American_soldiers_drag_his_father_outside

Mohammed Ibn Laith is an Iraqi who blogs on .

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