Decisions, Decisions -- Who Should Obama Pick as his Veep?

A list of the best, and worst, possible picks to round out the Democratic ticket.
Editor's note: The following is a list of who Kathy G. would like to, and not like to, see as Obama's Veep. For the reasoning behind her picks click here.

The Best

I think Obama should choose one of these three people:

Sherrod Brown, senator from Ohio
John Edwards, former senator from North Carolina
Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas

Above Average

I really don't think Barack Obama should choose any of the following people as his running mate -- each of them has at least one major drawback that I believe should be disqualifying. On the other hand, they're all capable, talented, and reasonably progressive, and if any of them were indeed chosen, I could get excited about that.

General Wesley Clark
Hillary Clinton, senator from New York
Christopher Dodd, senator from Connecticut
Patty Murray, senator from Washington
Janet Napolitano, governor or Arizona
Jack Reed, senator from Rhode Island

Not Experienced Enough

None of these folks have served a full term in their current positions, nor have they served in the House of Representatives in Congress.

Tim Kaine, governor of Virginia
Claire McCaskill, senator from Missouri
Jon Tester, senator from Montana

Otherwise Engaged

Mark Warner - The former Virginia governor is currently running for the U.S. senate.


Brian Schweitzer - The governor of Montana would be okay but I'm not too excited about him.

Please God No

Joe Biden, senator from Delaware
Tom Daschle, former senator from South Dakota
Bill Nelson, senator from Florida
Ed Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania
Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico

Oh No God No

Evan Bayh, senator from Indiana

Oh No No No God No No No

Sam Nunn, former senator from Georgia


James Webb, senator from Virginia (thankfully, he's withdrawn his name from consideration)

Totally Beyond the Pale

Any Republican (but fortunately there's no evidence that Obama is considering any Republicans).

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