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If the Rest of the World Had A Vote, Obama'd Win in a Landslide

If Americans want to improve their country's image abroad, there is a clear choice between candidates.

There's been a lull of late in the frequency of state polls of the Obama-McCain race to examine. So, in advance of Barack Obama's international travel, I took a look at public opinion in other countries. In short, most countries would give Obama a landslide victory over McCain:

Belgium: Obama 74%, McCain 12%

Britain: Obama 53%, McCain 11%

France: Obama 65%, McCain 8%

Germany: Obama 72%, McCain 11%

Obama trails McCain in Israel although the gap may be narrowing. A poll in late June showed Israelis support McCain 36% to 27% for Obama. That appears to be an improvement from a month earlier when Obama trailed by 23%. It will be interesting to gauge public opinion there after Obama's trip and after his new comments about Israel.
Follow along for Obama's view of his popularity abroad.

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