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"Green" Stadium Named "ExxonMobil Nationals Park?"

Not if the campaign to Strike Out Exxon has something to say.

The Washington Nationals ballpark is the first stadium to be LEED Silver Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Yet the Nationals continue to accept millions of advertising dollars from Exxon, by far one of the world's biggest contributors to global warming.

We've had early success in our campaign as Exxon has already stopped sponsoring the 7th-Inning Stretch. Now we're looking to have the team's assurance that the park will never sell corporate naming rights to the oil giant.

Strike Out Exxon!

ZP Heller is the editorial director of Brave New Films. He has written for The American Prospect, AlterNet, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Huffington Post, covering everything from politics to pop culture.

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