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Lou Dobbs Almost Calls Condi Rice a "Cotton Picker"

Woohoo! Lou "fear of the Brown Menace" Dobbs unleashes a torrent of spittle about race.

Woohoo! Lou "fear of the Brown Menace" Dobbs unleashed a torrent of spittle about race -- and he doesn't like the fact that Condi Rice brought it up either (join the Freepi, Lou!). You see, Lou doesn't see a problem with race relations in this country -- he feels the problem people have talking about it is the fault of those "cotton-picking" people. Watch the video to your right.

"The reality is, this is the most socially, ethnically, religiously, racially diverse society on the face of the earth," Dobbs said. "Now, Wolf, we don't make enough of that in the national media. We listen to some idiot say you can't talk about race."

Then Dobbs tripped over his words, as he declared, "Not a single one of these cotton...[stammering]...these just ridiculous politicians should be the moderator on the issue of race."

As Josh Marshall said:

As someone who's done some TV I certainly know that all sorts of things can come out of your mouth when you're ad-libbing. But in this case, when Lou Dobbs is railing against African-Americans like Condi Rice and Barack Obama for having the temerity to say that race is still an issue in America and the first adjective that pops into his head to describe them is "cotton-pickin'", we think it deserves a little tweak.

Pam Spaulding blogs at Pam's House Blend .

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