A Tribute to the Fallen GOP '08 Presidential Candidates [VIDEO]

Now that McCain has wrapped up the GOP Nomination, the Young Turks take a trip down memory lane and pay tribute to the wingnuts that have faded away.
Wow, I totally forgot about Fred Thompson. Remember that guy? He was supposed to be the next Ronald Reagan. This video doesn't even include Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore and Tommy Thompson who were in this race at some point and time. Anyway, this video nicely encapsulates the batshit craziness of the Republican candidates this year (excluding Ron Paul) and it's almost bittersweet because some of these guys would have been really fun to run against in the general election. Ok, so the Whitney Houston (I presume) background music is a little annoying but the Romney Reagan repetitions are priceless. Check out the video to your right for more.
Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.