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DURST: Bob Dole Resigns!

Will Durst says now that Bob Dole has resigned from the Senate, he should forget about the election, head straight home to Kansas, take the storm windows off and put up the screens. Welcome home to retirement.
In a move about as expected as Mother Teresa getting busted for solicitation, Bob Dole resigned from the Senate today. It's a start. Now if only Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey and Trent Lott would follow suit. Hell to make it a fair fight, Clinton should step down. Doesn't matter, either one. Earlier this year we proved we can get along with the government shut down. Maybe this is our perfect chance to prove we can get along without any visible leadership. Seemed to hold our own during the years of 1980 to 1992. Dole ostensibly quit so he could devote more time to campaigning for the Presidency, which he's finding much harder than in his previous campaigns mainly since there's so many more states now. He's saying he has no outlet; its either the White House or back home to Kansas. I'm thinking maybe he should get a head start taking down the storm windows and putting up the screens. Have Liddy plump the pillows or something. Maybe there's a third possibility, but I would put Disneyland pretty far down the list. It's not like Clinton has a lock on the election, there's still ways he could lose it. Like if he declared war on Canada. Of course, even then I'm reasonably sure he'd still pick up the border states.