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Gay Sex Columnist Confronts Homophobic Huckabee Supporters [VIDEO]

Dan Savage goes to South Carolina, where he asks Huckabee fans why they like Mike, and talks about how the religious right hates Bush now.

In a brilliant, very funny and yet also very disturbing segment of Real Time with Bill Maher , writer Dan Savage ventures to a very conservative town in South Carolina that heavily supports Huckabee. He chats (very politely, in the face of unbelievable homophobia) with Huckabee supporters and points out how extreme the Bible's views are and how a Huckabee administration wouldn't exactly be good for gay people. In the even more interesting post-segment interview, Savage talks to Maher about how the religious right has begun shunning George W. Bush, saying he wasn't a "good Christian" because he's been such a failure as president. Really interesting stuff. Check out the video to your right for more.

Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.

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