Why Does Bill O'Reilly Hate Our Veterans?

Bill O'LIElly has such a hard time with the truth. Let's help him out.
Bill O'LIElly has such a hard time with the truth. Let's help him out. This is from Paul Rieckhoff, an Iraq Veteran and the Executive Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America:
O'Reilly: "They (homeless veterans) may be out there, but there's not many of them out there. Okay?...If you know where there is a veteran, sleeping under a bridge, you call me immediately, and we will make sure that man does not do it."
Despite O'Reilly's doubts, the facts are irrefutable. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, almost 200,000 veterans sleep on our nation's streets each night. And Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are joining those ranks at an alarming rate.
Click here to sign an open letter to Bill O'Reilly, telling him that he needs to set the record straight as soon as possible.
This issue is far too important to be swept under the rug. You can also learn more about the issue of homeless veterans, and find out what you can do to help.
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