The Simpsons' Ralph Wiggum to Run for President

Ralph will announce his candidacy on the January 6th episode of The Simpsons. Gosh, he’ll fit right in, won’t he?
A new candidate is coming on the scene, and he's going to wipe out those Republican phoneys. This one's a REAL bedwetter, and not just pretending to be one so as to garner the "scared and whiney" vote of the Republican base.

We've already got a horde of bedwetters running for the Republican nomination. These people are so frightened of Osama they rubber-stamp almost all of George Bush's policies. Heck, only John McCain can bring himself to deny the torture the bedwetting President has resorted to in order to keep himself safe at night. Yeah, the entire field of Republicans is a bedwetting nightmare, but now they've got a real bedwetter in the field, and this one is funny, if pathetic. From the TV Squad blog:
We are just days away from the presidential primary season (Thank God!) and there seems to be a late entry into the race for the White House. No, it's not Michael Bloomberg (although they say he wants to), Al Gore (although they really want him to) or Rosie O'Donnell (they really say nothing about her). It's actually nose-picking, glue-eating, bed-wetting, slightly mis-educated Ralph Wiggum.
Gosh, he'll fit right in, won't he?
Ralph will announce his candidacy on the January 6th episode of The Simpsons. Actually, he isn't the one who announces it; rather, the voters of Springfield, who reject all of the other candidates in their first primary, write the young Wiggum in as a candidate.
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