Mayoral Candidate Nabbed In Toe-Tapping Toilet Tryst

Paddy: A Sears store bathroom no less. I'm betting that Shallow was just blowing off steam from his horrid showing in the election.
This post, written by Paddy, originally appeared on Cliff Schecter's Brave New Films Blog

Florida has to get it's two cents in since everyone has forgotten about Mark Foley-
DAYTONA BEACH -- A former Daytona Beach city commissioner and a local high school teacher arrested Thursday during a sex sting at a Volusia mall bathroom were released from the Volusia County Brach Jail today, authorities said.
Former commissioner and mayoral candidate Mike Shallow and David Behringer, an athletic trainer and teacher at Seabreeze High School, posted $1,000 bail today after midnight, a jail spokesman said.
"Most everything that's occurring is nonverbal," said Sgt. Jeff Hoffman, supervisor of the criminal suppression team.
Offenders coughed or sneezed, tapped their feet, sometimes under the stall beside them, or made loud zipper noises to attract attention from others interested in engaging in sexual acts, Hoffman said.
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