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Anita Hill on Clarence Thomas: "I Will Not Stand By Silently and Allow Him to Reinvent Me"

Oliver Willis: Hill stands by her 1991 testimony and Eugene Robinson explains just how dumb Justice Thomas is.

This post, written by Oliver Willis, originally appeared on Like Kryptonite to Stupid

Eugene Robinson hits the nail so hard on the head about just how dumb Clarence Thomas is.

There are, as he ought to know, plenty of black conservatives. There are plenty of African American parents teaching their children the same lessons of hard work and self-reliance that Thomas's grandfather taught him. The black church, I would argue, is one of the more socially conservative major institutions in the nation.

Black America has never been monolithic in its views, but black Americans do vote almost monolithically for Democrats. That wouldn't necessarily be the case if Richard Nixon hadn't built an electoral strategy on a race-based appeal to Southern whites -- and if every Republican presidential candidate and party leader since Nixon hadn't followed suit. Just last week, the four leading contenders for the Republican nomination all skipped a forum at historically black Morgan State University. As long as snubbing black voters is seen as smart politics in the Republican Party, black conservatives have good reason to stick with the Democrats.

Robinson goes on to explain why, until the cows come home, black conservatives like Clarence Thomas will be known as the self-loathers they are.

UPDATE: Professor Anita Hill, the woman that this... troll... sexually harassed has written an op-ed in the NY Times to counter his slander of her in his book pimping tour.

ON Oct. 11, 1991, I testified about my experience as an employee of Clarence Thomas' at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

I stand by my testimony.

Justice Thomas has every right to present himself as he wishes in his new memoir, "My Grandfather's Son." He may even be entitled to feel abused by the confirmation process that led to his appointment to the Supreme Court.

But I will not stand by silently and allow him, in his anger, to reinvent me.

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