The Best Bits of Political Satire From The Simpsons, Family Guy Season Premieres [VIDEO]

The Simpsons and Family Guy return with Stephen Colbert and parodies of Rush Limbaugh, Halliburton and American hubris in general.
This post, written by Manila Ryce, originally appeared on The Largest Minority

Though these are certainly not the most controversial political messages I’ve ever posted from The Simpsons or Family Guy, I had to splice something together in celebration after such a long time without either show.

The Simpsons: Though the first opening sequence shows Springfield in the process of being rebuilt after the events of the movie destroyed the city, I included it in the montage because of the visual similarities it had to Katrina. Especially true to that comparison is a giant billboard which shows Mr. Burns playing the role of a “disaster profiteer” like Halliburton as the town lay in ruin. The second clip is taken from the end of the episode, and features Stephen Colbert as Homer’s life coach. Colbert seems to channel his television persona by giving a rather patriotic speech on the virtues of egocentrism. He applauds Homer’s ignorance towards the limits of his power and a “complete lack of concern for what anyone thinks” of him.

Family Guy: The opening sequence of Family Guy’s “Star Wars” parody shows the evil Star Destroyer with a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on the back as it chases Princess Leia’s ship. That was a fairly simple, but effective gag. The next clip shows C-3PO and Skywalker listening to right-wing talk radio. A voice which sounds amazingly like Rush Limbaugh’s bitches about the “liberal galactic media”, says that global warming is a myth created by said media, and attributes the promotion of Lando Calrissian to affirmative action. The third clip rounds out the episode with Stewie making a crack about rising gas prices. True to their bumper sticker, and despite their technological advances, the Empire is evidently still reliant on fossil fuels.
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