Neo-Nazi Group Publishes Addresses and Phone Numbers of Jena Six Families

Pam Spaulding: White supremacist William A. White is trying to stir up violence by posting lynching threats alongside their contact info.
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William White
(William White)

On the heels of Mychal Bell not receiving bail, the story of the Jena 6 continues to roil all sides.
Mychal Bell, the sole defendant who remains behind bars from the group of teens known as the "Jena 6," will not be released Friday, a court decided.
Bell, 17, has been in jail since his arrest more than nine months ago.
It was not immediately clear what happened in court Friday, where Bell's attorneys had planned to push for his release.
In what is not a surprising, but sad development, a white supremacist organization is being monitored by the FBI. William A. White is trying to stir up violence by posting addresses and phone numbers of the Jena 6 family on his web site, proclaiming: "Lynch the Jena 6." He operates out of Roanoke, Virginia:
William A. White also listed some of the defendants' telephone numbers, urging his readers to "Get in touch, and let them know justice is coming."
The review came as protesters gathered Thursday in Jena, the site of racial unrest since last summer. After a black student asked the school for permission to sit under a tree where white students traditionally gathered, three nooses were found hanging from the tree. Months later, the Jena Six were charged with beating a white student.
On his Web site, White complained of "agitators" who were demanding acquittals.
A posting Thursday afternoon that contained contact information for the six youths was headlined: "Addresses of Jena 6 N-----s; In case anyone wants to deliver justice."
In a second item, White was quoted as saying: "If these n------s are released or acquitted, we will find out where they live and make sure that white activists and white citizens in Louisiana know it ... in order to find someone willing to deliver justice."
The Southern Poverty Law Center has details on the other sites and groups fomenting violence in light of the march and search for justice in Jena. Take the bleatings at the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network:
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