Rachel Maddow On the "Values Voters" Debate a.k.a. Wingnutty Wingnutville [VIDEO]

Breaking down the lowlights from what could be one of the more important developments of the 2008 Presidential Campaign.
Where can you hear the Republican candidates weigh in on important issues such as...."Transvestite Teachers"? Where can you hear a reworked anti-patriotic anthem called "Why Should God Bless America"? Where can you finally catch a glimpse of the right's elusive dark horse candidate John Cox? Why, the Values Voter Debate, of course, held this past week in Fort Lauderdale!
Rachel Maddow is the host of her own show on Air America Radio. She has a doctorate in political science (she was a Rhodes Scholar) and a background in HIV/AIDS activism, prison reform, and other lefty rabblerousing.