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Is O.J. Simpson On The White House Payroll?

Wolfrum: Thanks to a new O.J. scandal, the neocons could nuke Iran right out of existence, and it's possible no one will even notice.

This post, written by Wolfrum, originally appeared on Shakesville

While I stand firm in my belief that conspiracy theory believers are barking (incessantly in many cases) up the wrong tree, I do admit to understanding the attractiveness of many conspiracy theories. And it's not like I'm totally immune to them.

After all, literally five minutes ago I came to the conclusion that O.J. Simpson is getting his marching orders directly from the Executive Branch.

"Police: Simpson questioned in alleged casino theft"

(CNN) -- Former college and NFL star running back O.J. Simpson has been questioned as a possible suspect in an alleged theft, a Las Vegas, Nevada, police spokesman said Friday.

Sgt. John Loretto of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said there was an allegation of a theft, "involving Simpson as a suspect."

"We're waiting right now to see if we can put together a press conference," Loretto told CNN. "We haven't arrested him or anything else; the investigation is very preliminary right now."

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