Minister Attacked Outside Petraeus Hearing Says "Arrest Bush" [VIDEO]

The Hip Hop Caucus' Rev. Lennox Yearwood, propped up by Iraq Vets Against the War, speaks out about his ordeal.
"I thought, why am I lying here? I didn't send any troops to be killed...I don't have a million Iraqis' blood on my hands...I'm not taking money from lobbyists of corporations..." -Rev. Lennox Yearwood

Rev. Yearwood is the CEO and President, Hip Hop Caucus. On September 10th, he was viciously assaulted by six Capitol Hill cops and reportedly sustained serious injuries. He said: "The lights went out for me" for a while when he was being beaten. But that when he came back to the light, he joined the chorus of supporters who were then shouting: "Arrest Bush, not Rev." Check out the video to your right for more.
Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.