Mos Def, Cornel West and Bill Maher Discuss 9/11 Skepticism [VIDEO]

"I don't believe those mother f--ckers went to the moon either but that's just me," says Mos Def.
This post, written by Manila Ryce, originally appeared on The Largest Minority

My love/hate relationship with Bill Maher fluctuates wildly from episode to episode. Though I love his politically incorrect sense of humor and the fact that he provides a forum for people with differing views to debate, I do hate his scapegoat arguments and constant contradictions. Still, last weekend's Real Time with Bill Maher was a classic episode, mostly due to the always charismatic Mos Def, whose off the cuff bluntness drew applause and laughter in juxtaposition to Maher's counterproductive defense of the establishment.