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Surge Seasoning [VIDEO]

A satirical look at Bush's ultimately bogus "Surge" via a revisiting and rewrite of the classic Bugs and Daffy cartoon "Rabbit Seasoning". Beware of myopic, camo-clad hunters—and equally myopic Presidents.

The video to your right is a reworking of the classic Bugs and Daffy cartoon Rabbit Seasoning, created by Lower Manhattanite for the Group News Blog. This comes from the website:

In the face of numbers that scream failure, Bush and his merry band of liars will try to croon, like a Drano-throated Temptations cover group, that all is well. That the “surge is working”.

And that down is up. Blue is red. And magical, gossamer-winged, azure faeries will bring candy, and sprinkle doubloons, and dig glittering diamonds of success from the turds of this war's reality. the level of it being almost...a cartoon.

Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.

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