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Giuliani Compares Welfare Recipients to Animals in Racist Video from 2000 [VIDEO]

In this deeply offensive and infuriating clip Rudy tries to make jokes about his harsh welfare policies as Mayor of New York.

The clip to your right comes from the documentary Giuliani Time which came out about two years ago and I implore all of you to rent it ASAP. It details, with lots of terrific, damning footage, Giuliani's entire political career leading up to 9/11. It's a stunning indictment of a man unjustly lauded for two very contentious and controversial terms as mayor of New York. This footage comes from a press roast in 2000, and it features Giuliani, who now thinks he should be president of the United States mind you, dressed as what I guess is supposed to be an African tribesman, complete with face paint and a spear, and using lions in the zoo to make a "joke" about his attitude towards welfare.

This same video features the now infamous footage of Giuliani in drag being hit on by Donald Trump. Notice that this video doesn't seem to arouse a single chuckle from the crowd. I wish this could be aired on all the major networks and then I'd like to see Giuliani try to defend this one.

Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.

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