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Is Adam Sandler's New Comedy Homophobic?

Bernie Heidkamp: GLAAD has approved "I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry", but does that mean it doesn't portray an anti-gay ideology?

This post, written by Bernie Heidkamp. originally appeared on PopPolitics

As " I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" premiered this past weekend, critics panned it -- arguing almost universally that it cynically exploited homophobia while superficially emphasizing a message of tolerance. Despite its dream-team pairing of comedic powerhouses Adam Sandler and Kevin James, that mixed message apparently wasn't very funny at all.

So, amidst this critical deluge, who was there to defend the film? Well, gay activists, of course. "Chuck and Larry" received a seal of approval from GLAAD -- the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- and it got a positive review for its ideology, if not its comedy, by Alonso Duralde at After Elton.


Just call it another strange chapter in Hollywood's hypocritical history of representing gay life.

Bernie Heidkamp is a Contributing Editor for PopPolitics.

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