Larry Flynt Finds Five Vitter Prostitutes

Pam Spaulding: Meanwhile, CREW files an official ethics complaint against the hypocritical Sen. Vitter.
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Does that mean the Louisiana family values senator was lying at his press conference when he said that all of his philandering was with a DC Madam call girl long ago, and he and his wife Wendy handled the indiscretion privately? That's what Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt said on Larry King Live. More after the jump.

Flynt's been working with local media down there (via the has a diaper fetish and would pay the women to dress him up like a baby, as well as a story that he had a child with one of the prostitute, Wendy Cortez, and that mother and child live in suburban Washington, where they receive financial support from Sen. Baby-Daddy.

I have to agree with DKos diarist davefromqueens:
Of course I'd choose not to do any of this [blog about it] if Vitter would abide by HIS own stated standards for public office and submit his resignation immediately. But to expect a right winger to have honesty and integrity may be asking the impossible.
...These RW conservatives believe in regulating the wombs, bedrooms, and sex lives of every adult American. If Vitter had openly come out in 1998 saying that what Bill Clinton did was no one else's business and that govt should not be regulating other people's bedrooms, I wouldn't be writing this diary. Vitter is responsible for HIS behavior and the consequences that flow from it.
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