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The Attempted London Car Bombing: "Yuppie Terrorists" with a Mercedes [VIDEO]

On Keith Olbermann's "Countdown," a counter-terrorism expert suggests that "yuppie terrorists" are the culprits in this latest example of the media's exaggeration of the terrorist threat.

In the estimation of counter-terrorism expert Larry Johnson, the car bomb of the would-be attack in London this past week would not do any real significant damage whatsoever. Yet the mainstream press seemed compelled to inflate this story as yet another example of the forever looming threat of another 9/11. The so-called terrorists were not located in the Middle East but were comfortably situated on the shores of the would-be attack, therefore completely discrediting the notion that we must fight in Iraq in order to prevent terrorism from occurring on our soil. Click on the video to your right for more.

Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.

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