Subpoenas: The Cure for Republicans' Severe Memory Loss? [VIDEO]

Some political parody for your holiday weekend enjoyment.
This home-made parody riffing on the remarkable memory loss from which so many Republicans suffered when called to testify about the AG scandal is as good as anything you'll see on Saturday Night Live.

It's funny, but it would be funnier if we hadn't suffered through such a dismal week in Washington. It's a good thing watching these characters squirm and slither their way through these hearings is so entertaining, because it looks like one of the few promises made last November that the Democrats are willing to keep.

Anyway, Don Hazen sent this to me and said that if I used it I should credit Dark Times, but scanning my inbox, I see that my mother sent it to me first. Sorry Boss, but I'm giving the hat-tip to mom.
Joshua Holland is an editor and senior writer at AlterNet.