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Bush, Democrats, & Iraq : Flushing Our Future Down The Toilet

Bruce Wilson: When Will anti-War Americans See Influence Of Pro-War Christianity?

I don't get mad easily.

I'm mad now. Not on my behalf but on behalf of all human life, and all the wonderful, beautiful life of all sorts on the planet, Earth, we call home.

We've been betrayed.

But, the "Clash Of Civilizations" is neither inevitable nor natural. It's being manufactured. This post concerns political elements on the American side of the equation who are pushing, hard, for apocalyptic war in the Middle East.

Why have the Democrats been, so far, unable to exert sufficient force to begin a US withdrawal from Iraq ? Well, the last year has seen the rise of a powerful new lobbying group, uniting far right apocalyptic American Christians with moderate American Jews.....

Crooks and Liars has the skinny on Keith's latest broadside, in which Olberman accuses President Bush, and the Democrats as well, of betraying the interests of American voters. Betrayal from George W. Bush is expected, but the Democrats have much to answer for, and their spinelessness may have terrible historic consequences :

As the circles of fighting in the Mideast, now expanding into Lebannon and Gaza, widen and intensify, we're seeing the implementation of a plan cooked up in deepest hell, a vision for maximal war in the Middle East that's been hatched by neoconservatives and apocalyptic Christians.

Bruce Wilson writes for Talk To Action , a blog specializing in faith and politics.

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