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Phony Romney Plays the French Card [VIDEO]

How Romney will convince us to elect him president based on his special ability to protect us from France.
Editor's Note: Apparently Mitt Romney thinks that dissing France is his ticket to the White House. No, this is not bad satire. He really does. Never mind that the man lived in the country for more than two years and speaks fluent French.

Click the video to the right to watch as Air America's Rachel Maddow explains Romney's bizarre campaign strategy with highlights from a 77-slide PowerPoint presentation that someone leaked to the Boston Globe. One of the presentation slides lists Mitt's perceived positive qualities (optimistic, intelligent, conservative), negative qualities (hair too perfect, phony, Mormon) and enemies he could run against (Hollywood values, Hillary Clinton, France).

Interestingly, Mitt also listed Massachusetts, the state he was governor of for four years, as an enemy. Hmmm, is this really a campaign strategy or just an exercise in self-loathing?