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Christian Right's Ideology Seeps Into US Left ?

Bruce Wilson: Progressives Tout Bible Classes, Miss Fake History, In Public Schools

Fake American history is now being taught in hundreds of American public high schools.

yawn... whatever...

Millions of Americans now believe that the true nature of the United States, and the intent of the founders of American government, has been subverted by "secularists" and "secularism", and the actual, central role secularism has played in the success of American Democracy seems on the verge of being forgotten, by America's politicians even...


Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation asserts right wing evangelical Christians are getting control of the US military. Weinstein was a lawyer in the Reagan Administration and is an Air Force Academy graduate.

OK, are you awake now ?

That's a troubling assertion, yup.

Bruce Wilson writes for Talk To Action , a blog specializing in faith and politics.

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