Gay marriage bigots' testimony remixed [VIDEO]

Culture of strife...
Last month, as Connecticut debated the issue of same-sex marriage, wise-crackers on the intertubes were busy remixing testimony from those who believe that allowing people who love each other to make their union legal are responsible for everything from rainy days to the rapture, give testimony.

Bobby Muckle, VP of "Connecticut Right to Life Corporation," actually manages to make anti-gay bigotry sound almost sweet and nostalgic... almost. He then ends with a rather clumsy analogy between Global Warming and same-sex marriage.

In the second video Joan P. Haugen, resident, whips out her Linguistobigotry.

The gays killed "gay!"

She's followed by a parade of sweet-talking Nazi-era thinkers. I use "thinkers" very very liberally here.
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