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Tillman case; a failure of duty

Philip Barron: The Army's unacceptable response to the family of Cpl. Pat Tillman is a call to action -- for citizens and Congress.

The Army's belated and begrudged findings of responsibility in the case of Army Ranger Cpl. Pat Tillman should satisfy no one. They certainly do not satisfy Tillman's family, which responded with a statement calling for a Congressional investigation:

The characterization of criminal negligence, professional misconduct, battlefield incompetence, concealment and destruction of evidence, deliberate deception, and conspiracy to deceive are not "missteps."

These actions are malfeasance.

In our opinion, this attempt to impose closure by slapping the wrists of a few officers and enlisted men is yet another bureaucratic entrenchment.

Philip Barron is a St. Louis writer and author of the blog Waveflux.

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