Answers to key Iran questions

Jan Frel: Such as, are US forces ready to attack, and would they lose?
If you were looking for a historical overview of moves by the Bush administration since it came into office to attack Iran, Larisa Alexandrovna's piece we ran last Monday is a great place to start.

But what about pressing questions regarding the near future, such as, "Are U.S. forces ready to attack, right now?"

Dan Plesch writes in the New Statesman, that yes, they are now ready:
American military operations for a major conventional war with Iran could be implemented any day. They extend far beyond targeting suspect WMD facilities and will enable President Bush to destroy Iran's military, political and economic infrastructure overnight using conventional weapons.
British military sources told the New Statesman, on condition of anonymity, that "the US military switched its whole focus to Iran" as soon as Saddam Hussein was kicked out of Baghdad. It continued this strategy, even though it had American infantry bogged down in fighting the insurgency in Iraq.
The US army, navy, air force and marines have all prepared battle plans and spent four years building bases and training for "Operation Iranian Freedom". Admiral Fallon, the new head of US Central Command, has inherited computerised plans under the name TIRANNT (Theatre Iran Near Term).
Is concern that we might attack Iran purely the domain of handwringing experts and journalists on the left? No. Philip Giraldi lays it out for the American Conservative.
Jan Frel is AlterNet's senior editor.