Are the deaths of our soldiers a waste of life?

Terry Welch: Don't buy Malkin's BS about Obama, of course it's a waste...
This guest post was written by Terry Welch on the occasion of Barack Obama's comment that soldiers killed in Iraq have died in vain. Obama has since apologized, revealing once again that the Democrats still aren't getting it...

Michelle Malkin is, of course, livid that Barack Obama pointed out the obvious--that Bush's war is a waste of American lives--calling his statement "patronizing, infantilizing, and insulting" to the troops. She even quotes some service members who supported and died for the war and family members of other dead troops who believe the sacrifice was worth it. You can't argue with their opinion on this matter, because it is, after all, simply an opinion, no matter how hard it may have been to come by. Should one be interested in debating Malkin on the "uh-uh/uh-huh" playground level she's chosen, it would be simple to find an equal number of service members who feel the war is a waste and family members who believe that they gave a son, daughter, brother or sister for nothing.

A closer look, however, reveals that Malkin's childish fuming is just another version of Bush's spin point:
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