Racist rocker at Republican inaugural...

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and the "Motor City Madman": Guilt by association, or the nature of the beast exposed?
As the sad and inevitable decline of the GOP accelerates over the coming months, look for many more examples of the seamy underside of the party coming to light and frightening even Republicans. Take it away, Ted Nugent!
Hours after Gov. Rick Perry kicked off his second full term in office, Ted Nugent helped him celebrate at a black-tie gala, but not all attendees were pleased by the rocker's performance.
Using machine guns as props, Nugent, 58, appeared onstage as the final act of the inaugural ball wearing a cutoff T-shirt emblazoned with the Confederate flag and shouting offensive remarks about non-English speakers, according to people who were in attendance.
Philip Barron is a St. Louis writer and author of the blog Waveflux.